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At Share-Your-Motorbike.com we sell legally binding contracts designed to help you share a motorbike with others. The agreements are available at prices that you can afford and without the time and hassle of having to arrange appointments with solicitors. Whether you want to share a bike with your neighbour that you can both use for shopping around town, or you want to buy a fast racing bike with your friends, Share-Your-Motorbike.com can provide a contract that is easy to understand and suits your needs. We also provide detailed drafting and guidance notes so it’s even easier to fill out your agreement and start sharing that bike! On the website you can find loads of free advice and help too.

Our Contracts
We provide two specialist contracts designed for using in motorcycle share arrangements, and more information about them can be found below. They are drafted carefully to take into account the issues that are most important when sharing a motorbike, such as security, paying for fuel and liability for accidents, and they have been reviewed thoroughly by a solicitor experienced in contract law. Each agreement comes with detailed drafting and guidance notes explaining the operation of the contract, the reasoning for its contents and the help you need to complete the contract to suit the needs of your individual sharing situation. These notes also include examples of additional clauses and schedules that are available to customise your agreement, and provide guidance on drafting your own clauses if necessary.

Our Free Resources
Click to view our free factsheetTo learn more about motorbike sharing, why not read our free Vehicle Share Factsheet by clicking here? The factsheet gives an overview of the most important practical and legal issues involved in motorbike sharing and is a good way to start thinking about whether you want to start a motorcycle share scheme, and if so how to go about it. The factsheet also points you in the direction of some very useful resources if you would like to carry out more research.

In our forum you can ask other interested people any burning questions that you have about sharing a motorbike, and you could also use the forum to place an advert either offering a share in your bike or seeking a share in someone else’s motorbike.

Why Share a Motorbike? Different people are interested in sharing a motorbike for different reasons. The top three are as follows:

  • Finances – Sharing a motorbike is much cheaper than owning your own – you can divide the costs associated with owning, storing, maintaining and using the bike amongst the sharers, and so everyone pays much less than they would individually. Motorcycle sharing may be the only way that you can afford to buy that dream bike, whatever it may be.
  • The environment – Members of a motorbike share club obviously do not have the unlimited access to a vehicle that they would have if they owned their own bike. This helps to encourage all of the sharers to carefully consider which journeys need to be made on the motorbike, and which can be replaced by train, bus, bicycle or simply walking. Motorbike share clubs mean that there are fewer vehicles on the road, which should help congestion and pollution. It also helps to reduce the need for new bikes to be manufactured and scrapped, thus wasting fewer resources in the manufacture of unwanted motorbikes.
  • Storage reasons – Motorbikes should ideally be stored safely inside a garage, especially a more expensive model. However, many people may not have access to a garage and thus may be reluctant to spend money on a motorbike without the necessary facilities to store it safely. Sharing a motorbike with a friend or neighbour who does have a garage could help to solve this difficulty.

These factors will often be relevant at the same time, such as in the following example:

Tom and Dave love the idea of owning a motorbike for using at the weekends, but neither of them can afford the expense of buying a motorbike that is powerful enough to meet their needs, and also Dave does not have a garage and is uncomfortable leaving an expensive new bike on the street. These two friends may decide to purchase a motorbike together and to share the running costs, while Tom, who has a garage, will store it at all times. The fact that the motorbike is not available for use every day, and the sharers do not feel that they have to use it every day to get value for money any longer, may encourage them to use different forms of more sustainable transport at other times when the bike is unavailable. In addition, sharing a bike will cost both Tom and Dave less than buying and running a motorbike each, and is therefore likely to make it affordable when it otherwise would not be. This arrangement will also ensure that the motorbike is safely stored in a garage.

Our Contracts
We provide two different agreements for people interested in motorbike sharing:

B1 – Motorbike Share Agreement: Shared Ownership Model

  • For use when all of the sharers will own shares in the motorbike
  • The running costs will all be split between the sharers in accordance with the percentages in which they own the motorbike

B2 – Motorbike Share Agreement: Shared Use Model

  • For use when one sharer will own the motorbike, and will then charge the other sharers a mileage rate and an annual rate to cover the costs of running the bike

Click on the links above to buy one of the agreements or to find out more about what they contain and how they work.

Did you know...

According to Carplus.org.uk, there are currently 82,151 car club members in the UK, sharing 1,990 vehicles in over 40 locations. This is estimated to have removed over 40,000 cars from UK roads.

map showing 136 miles

With the average car length being almost 18 feet, you could use those 44,000 cars to create a line of bumper to bumper traffic from Southampton to Birmingham!

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